mud and moon is a design studio based out of Ahmedabad where we develop products that carry a true value of art and handmade as well as hold the magical science behind them intact. Art, the process of creating and finding meanings always inspire us, hence we strive to put together a range of products that sing to the heart. We
We aim to slowly put together a small lifestyle that make your eyes dance; that appeal to the ones finding joys, and the ones who believe in slow meaningful living.

is an
inside job”

We create everyday essentials which defines luxury, comfort and happiness; luxury which is not unaffordable but is in the simplest of flowers, afternoon breezes, and texture of clouds; comfort which is obtained from pure; and happiness which is an inside job.

We create what enhances the little joys of life, what tells you a storystories of fruits, traditions, mud, moon and roots, what tells you to live your best everyday.

While we wait for life, life passes. We aim to make all days fully lived, because when we truely live, we are happy. Happiness is an inside job, when we know that,
we are whole.

Traditional cold process and artisanal organic soaps

We are currently pursuing the traditional cold process soap making and aim to introduce a collection of artisanal soaps into our line of products. A luxurious, mindful, healthy and a happy start to everyday is the basic philosophy behind.

Each of the soap is designed very carefully in small batches, hand-poured and hand-cut.

All of them follow a basic recipe of oils and organic butters formulated in balanced percentages. Each of these ingredient possess a special skin-loving property.

The essential oils, natural clays, botanical powders and fragrances then follow.

All our soaps are formulated with the following oils.

Olive oil
Coconut oil
Sweet almond oil
Castor oil
Shea butter
Cocoa butter


We use a bunch of innocent botanicals like dried jasmine buds, green tea, bay leaves, pink salt and clove buds on the top of the soap slabs. It adds to the nature of soap like nothing else.
Natural clays like chocolate clay, french pink clay, french green clay, french red clay and yellow not only provide the most amazing natural tones to the soap, but work as great exfoliatants that help remove impurities and dead skin.
Indigo powder derived by grinding leaves of the plant genre called Indigofera Tinctoria, provides the calm blue shades to our soaps. But a very little known fact is that indigo possesses restorative and soothing properties for skin.
What is cold process and why use it?

Natural soap travels back to the chemistry books which say acid + alkali = salt + water. Natural fatty acids (oils and butter) combines with an alkali (sodium hydroxide \ caustic soda) to result into soap. This process is called saponification.

Glycerin is the natural byproduct of saponification. It is an essential humectant which naturally draws moisture from environment deep into the skin when applied. This will keep your skin plump and hydrated.

Most of the mass-produced bars
are marketted as ‘moisturising
bars’ or ‘beauty bars’ because
they are not really ‘soap’, as they do not undergo the process of saponification.

Thus, they fail to recognise the definition of ‘soap’ regulated by FDA.

According to the FDA website:

“Not every product marketed as soap meets FDA’s definition of the term. FDA interprets the term “soap” to apply only when the bulk of the nonvolatile matter in the product consists of an alkali salt of fatty acids and the product’s detergent properties are due to the alkali-fatty acid compounds, and the product is labeled, sold, and represented solely as soap [21 CFR 701.20]. Products that meet this definition of soap are regulated by the Consumer Product Safety Commission.”

pH Tested

All our soaps undergo pH test to bequalified to reach you. For a natural bar of soap, the pH should be slightly alkaline, which means a reading of 8-9 or a dark green coloured pH stripe.

That’s all!

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